Friday, October 8, 2010

A year ago: Twitter and organizing myth #002

Last year at this time I posted a video about magnetic paint, stuff you can paint onto your walls to create a magnetized area for a stylish and simple magnetic bulletin board. The video was shared with me by Sarah Shaw (@entreprenette). We follow each other on Twitter (you can follow me at @lelahwithanh). It never ceases to amaze me how much amazing content is on Twitter. There's spam and useless stuff, too, but if you follow an engaged group of people, the ideas, links and content flying around all the time is pretty impressive.

I also wrote about one of the most pervasive organizing myths--that you only have to get organized once, and then you will stay organized forever. This is entirely untrue. The last step of organization is maintaining your space and system, a job that never ends. This is a good thing. Maintenance keeps us in touch with our spaces, our changing uses for things and our needs as they evolve over time. Read the post for tips on how to maintain an organized life. It's much less effort than having to start from scratch every so often, and feels better, too.

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