Monday, October 18, 2010

Time management tips from Martha

When I was at my parents' house the other day, I noticed my stepmom had a stack of magazines about three feet high on the landing. I asked her about them and she said I could recycle them all, except the Real Simples. Out to the recycle bin went all but three Real Simple issues and a small stack of Martha Stewart Livings. I think the Martha Stewart Living photos are beautiful, so I took those home to cull out some recipes and photos for my collage projects (and have since recycled them). It was great fun flipping through them, and I came across an Ask Martha letter that asked her how to improve one's time management skills. I love Martha's answer:

Click image to view full-size.
Her advice about exercise and nutrition is right on and applies to everyone. I personally think the concept of balance in scheduling is incredibly important, but I realize that for some people, switching between tasks frequently is difficult. What do you think of Martha's words of wisdom?

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  1. cool...thanks for sharing this. having good time management will really help you to be very productive...

  2. Macky: the word "enroll" is misspelled on your website as "enrol" when you click the link. I thought you might like to correct it to look more professional.