Thursday, October 14, 2010

Announcing video organizing and a special offer!

I'm excited to introduce a brand-new extension of my professional organizing services, remote organizing consulting. For those clients who are out of my area or wish to work more independently, I can now offer a consultation via Internet video calling.

To kick off this service, I am offering a unique opportunity for my blog readers to get professional organization consulting absolutely free. I will provide a free 30 minute video consultation on any topic of your choice to anyone who requests one from now through October 31, 2010. Having trouble with time management? We can talk about it face to face. Want to show me your overflowing hall closet? Make sure your computer can capture it and I’ll give you expert advice about what to do to make it functional again. Since this is a new service, you get my knowledge, and I get to test how well my organizing methods and techniques work in this new setting.

To request your free consultation, email me at by October 31, 2010, with your name, a description of your organizing challenge, and your best availability Monday through Saturday, 9 am to 6 pm Pacific time. You must have a Skype account with video chat capabilities. We will set up the appointment via email. The consultation must take place before December 31, 2010.

If you try the free consultation and like the way it works, we can schedule follow-up sessions at a discounted rate!

Lelah Baker-Rabe is a Los Angeles-based professional organizer. To discuss your organizing needs, call her at 818.269.6671 or email


  1. Are you allowed to sign someone else up who you think could use a hand?

  2. Great question! Feel free to forward the post to anyone you like...but it's probably better if they decide on their own to take the step of talking with a professional organizer.

  3. What a great service! Technology has opened up so many doors!