Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The E-Myth and organizing

The E-Myth Enterprise by Michael E. Gerber is one of several business books in the E-Myth series. Gerber is a business and entrepreneurship guru and The E-Myth is a classic book in this genre. I liked The E-Myth Enterprise, as it talks about the various traits and practices needed by a company in order to become a truly amazing one. Here's a quote that I found thought provoking:
There are three things that can be so organized: time, space, and work.

The organization of time prevents the over utilization of energy to achieve one's objectives; just enough time--and no more--within which the right action can be efficiently performed.

The organization of space produces the right tools in the right place in the right quantity to support the right action with an economy of effort.

The organization of work identifies the natural way to take action, the relationships between functions, and the coordination between the two.

When employed with skill, organization always produces a sense of great ease.

When employed unwisely, organization always produces resistance.
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