Friday, June 17, 2011

Reviewed: Organized Simplicity

**Note: I was sent the book by the publisher I don't know how many months ago and I am just now reviewing it.

The author of Organized Simplicity, The Clutter-Free Approach to Intentional Living is Tsh Oxenreider and she has a blog network that offers great content. This book was published last year and I want to go over how it is different from other organizing books out there.

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Oxenreider comes at organization from the point of view of a working mother who puts her family values ahead of everything else. It's a powerful place to be, as it causes all of your choices to flow from a single purpose. It makes something as simple as clearing out the refrigerator an intentional act that reinforces your worldview and supports the way you want to live your life. Though that might seem paralyzing - how can I get anything accomplished if I have to have a philosophy about it? - it is actually liberating. The author takes you through the steps of figuring out what your family's purpose statement is and then everything that follows, from clearing out your commitments so you have more time to play with your kids, or clearing out the garage so you can actually park a car inside, makes sense. You know why you are doing it. It's liberating, because you can easily see what serves your family's purpose statement and what doesn't.

I went through the process outlined in the book to create a purpose statement with my family. It was a wonderful process, and I recommend it as a way to slow down and reflect on what's important to you, not as an individual, but as a member of a family unit.

The rest of the book sets forth in detail how to empty, clean and organizing each room of your house. This is always great information, and Oxenreider adds value by including lots of recipes for homemade cleaning products and templates to help you organize inventories, to-do lists and schedules.

Organized Simplicity is an inspiring book full of useful content.

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