Monday, June 13, 2011

Display what you love

One of the great side effects of decluttering and organizing is coming across things you love but forgot you had. These are things that might not be that useful, so they've been pushed to the bottom of drawers and the back of the cupboards. These particular items can be recognized by the big smile you get on your face when you uncover them. "So that's where that was!" you'll say. Don't put these found treasures back in the drawers or cupboards, find a place to display them, where you can enjoy them and gain energy from them.

I keep this whimsical ballerina cake-topper at my desk.
It might be a stone you brought back from your camping trip to the beach or it might be a particularly lovely framed photo that you took down to dust and never put back again. Don't be afraid to display and enjoy your possessions. By the way, if you aren't using or enjoying something you find pushed the back of a closet, perhaps it's a candidate for donation or recycling.

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