Monday, November 8, 2010

NaNoWriMo Survival Tip

We're one week into National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo). If you are still writing, congratulations! I was on track until yesterday, when I didn't write at all and now I'm suddenly a day behind. But, there are still 22 days left to get to 50,000 words and I know I can do it. Here is one of my personal favorite tips for getting through the month with your word count high.

To stay focused while writing, I have a specific writing playlist in my iTunes. The value of this is fourfold:
  1. When I hear the songs (always played in the same order) I know it is writing time, and Pavlov's dog-like, I want to write. 
  2. They length of the playlist helps me keep track of how much, or how little, time I've spent writing and I can tell myself I'll keep going just through the next Broken Bells track.
  3. If I need a little extra motivation, I'll buy a new song I like on iTunes, and put it in my writing playlist. The only way I'll let myself listen to it is on the playlist, and I don't listen to the playlist when I'm not writing, so it's like a little reward.
  4. I'll add certain songs to my playlist if I think they will help inspire some part of the writing process, so if I character mentions a certain song, I'll do my best to add it. The playlist becomes tailored the novel I'm writing, and I get to start over again when I start a new one.
What strategies do you have to keep focused when you are doing a task that takes time and energy, that perhaps you don't always want to do?

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  1. It looks like you open with "Wake Up" because Arcade Fire is your only "A" but still I think it's a suitable writing catalyst.

  2. Yes, it works well as a rousing opener.

  3. This is a great tip, I need to get my play list together so I can get motivated to start writing. I am still debating about writing fiction or non-fiction. I am so glad you found my blog, thanks for your comment!

  4. Thanks, Amanda. Good luck with your writing!

  5. Such a good tip, Lelah! I'm going to use it, starting this weekend!