Thursday, November 4, 2010


If you are on your computer a lot (and who among us isn't?) you can use keyboard and mouse shortcuts to streamline repetitive tasks and save yourself a few seconds here or there. These conveniences really add up to time and energy saved.

There are lots and lots of these, plus ones you can customize for yourself. Here are the ones I use most frequently on my Mac:

  • Middle mouse button: click on a link and it opens in a new tab. Click the tab and it closes. Huge timesaver! (If you do not have an external mouse or a mouse with three buttons, get one immediately.)
  • Command L: selects whatever is in your url bar. I use this in combination with copy (command c)  and paste (command v) all the time.
  • Command R: refreshes the browser page you are on, much easier than getting your mouse up the refresh button on the toolbar.
  • Command M: minimizes your browser window. If I have a lot of open windows, this one saves me from having to click in the little x at the top left.
  • Command S: always a good one when you are in a word processing document. Even though most programs automatically save frequently now, you can avoid trouble by assiduously saving your work.
  • Command Z: undo! This is one of the most important shortcuts there is, and it works in a variety of situations. I love using it when I'm composing an email in Gmail. It also astounds me how many people are not aware of it! Learn it, use it, love it. 
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  1. I didn't know command L! Thanks for sharing.

  2. I love command L! Thanks for commenting.
    Another one of my oft-used ones is command T to open a new tab.