Thursday, November 18, 2010

How to fold a fitted sheet

One of the most clutter-heavy and messy parts of many people's homes is their linen closet. I avoid this clutter-trap in my own home by only having one set of sheets for each bed. You really need no more than two, so if you have more than that, consider donating some. You can save room by folding your sheets neatly and if you have no linen closet, you can store them between the mattress and box spring, just put your fitted sheet on one side and your top sheet and pillow cases on the other. I could never understand how to fold fitted sheets until I saw a demonstration of it. Here's a really good video that shows you how.

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  1. I like how she says it is one of the biggest problems you will ever face. Let it be so!

  2. I love the sheet folding, I thought I had been doing right all these years-the example is a much better method. Thanks.

  3. @Lena, yes let's hope so!

    @Liza, you're welcome. Glad you learned something new.

    Thanks for commenting!