Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Moving: stage five

So the heat is on now that movers have been scheduled for Friday. I have never moved with professional movers before, and I am tremendously excited. The last time I moved was five years ago, and I remember the aggravation of trying to get my couch up a flight of stairs and around several corners. I did it, with the help of my husband, my father, my sister and a surreptitious dismantling of an emergency exit sign. Though I'm not sure how the movers will choose to remove the couch and get it into the new apartment, I figure they have experience with this sort of thing and it will work out.

My sister and the couch, September 2005.
There are a few things on the to do list before they get here, though. We are mostly packed, so today we're going to focus on getting the new place painted and clean. The apartment has already been painted a lovely navajo white, but we are adding color to three rooms. Painting is physically demanding, but also satisfying. Once I get into the groove, I like seeing the fresh color bloom across the walls. Pulling off the painters tape once everything is dry is quite pleasurable.

I normally use painters tape with clients to create handy temporary or semi-permanent labels; I've enjoyed using it for its proper purpose of paint prep.

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  1. Saw you tweet this blog post out on Twitter. Very well done! Going with professional movers is almost always the best choice. Saves you so much stress. Good luck with your moving this week :) -Jenn

  2. Good luck! Painting the new place before it has furniture in it is such a great idea.

  3. Thanks, Jenn. I think I'm just about ready for those movers, and I am definitely less stressed than if it was just me having to move all the boxes and furniture.

    The painting is done, Lena! It looks really good. I will just have to make sure when the furniture gets moved in we all avoid dinging up the freshly painted walls.