Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Jewelry on display

I just set up an area for my jewelry to live. I have a wonderful jewelry tree that I got a couple of years ago that easily holds necklaces, bracelets and dangly earrings. The amount of jewelry that you see in the picture is probably about half of what I have. The rest is resting comfortably in the drawer below, waiting to get cycled back in. The silver jewelry box was a gift from my Aunt Lelah, and it holds all of my stud earrings. I like the blue dish because it gives me a colorful way to display some heavier pieces. Right now it has a few gold-colored items and I think they look nice together. I really enjoy displaying my jewelry, because when I'm wearing it I don't really get to look at it. My sister-in-law made many of the pieces hanging from the tree. She's a jewelry genius.

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