Monday, September 27, 2010

Bathroom blitz

Inspired by a session I had with a client recently, I de-cluttered my toiletries and makeup. Going through the bathroom drawers and cabinets to toss old makeup and bath products is just as satisfying as going through the fridge and tossing out old food. It's also just as important. When you open your fridge, it's pretty obvious what items are past their prime, and you don't hesitate to throw them away because you know eating them could make you sick. The same thing goes for expired and old makeup. Germs abound in mascara, lipstick, anything you touch with your body parts, and the ingredients in lotions and makeups will go bad after a while.

Here are some guidelines about how long it's safe to keep and use these products, but it's really pretty simple: if it smells funny, throw it away. If you didn't remember owning it, throw it away. If it was your wedding makeup and you are no longer a newlywed, throw it away.

Tiny samples of expensive lotions that you've been saving up - either use them in the next week, or throw them away. If you find a bunch of travel-sized toiletries items, consider donating them. Here's my post about how to do that: Travel size toiletries donation.

Your bathroom will feel lighter, cleaner and you won't be worried that the next mascara you pick up is going to give you an eye infection!

Creative Commons photo posted to flickr by pawpaw67

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  1. Great reminders, Lelah! In addition to the reasons you've mentioned, it can be really disappointing to finally go and use that sample you've been saving for a special occasion, only to find it has gone off.