Monday, July 12, 2010

Twitter favorites

Here are some organizing-related gems from the past week or so that encapsulate what's useful and fun about Twitter.

@UncluttererTips With perspective, it’s normal to feel an emotional attachment to your possessions

@organizenow Keep a pen and paper next to your bed. If you have ideas as you are drifting off, you can jot them down.#organize

@clutterdiet #ClutterTweetTip #CTT: What can your kids do? Plenty! Set the table, empty the dishwasher, dry dishes, take out trash & recycling. Try it.

@DrDeClutter What makes you happy? Are you doing it today? When's the last time you did what makes you happy? Do it!

@annfengshui A tip for better bedroom #fengshui: Get your dirty laundry out of the bedroom and out of sight:


@j_organize I'm making pancakes because people think I'm rude if I drink maple syrup directly from the bottle.

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