Friday, July 16, 2010

A year ago: storage units, photo organization and Google Reader

Last July I was returning from a lengthy trip to the east coast, where I had undergone a large project of slimming down the contents of a large storage unit. The following posts were reactions to that project. The longer I organize people professionally, the more convinced I am that storage, particularly long-term, paid storage, is not a good option for dealing with your stuff. I believe the possessions we have should be used, displayed and if they are no longer good fits for our lives, should be passed on to someone who can use them better. There are very few reasons that storage should be an imperative for anyone.


On the joys of the "Mark All As Read" button in Google Reader.

Of yard sales and storage units and on the problem with storage.

And on a different topic: photos, my organizing kryptonite.

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