Monday, February 1, 2010

Checking in with resolutions

It’s February first and a good time to check in with resolutions made about a month ago. Have you made any progress with yours? Here’s a summary of mine and where I am a month in.
I have a little reminder sheet stuck to my calendar so my resolutions can be recalled at a glance.

Resolution: Refresh my apartment by de-cluttering and rearranging the space.
Progress: I have consistently decluttered this month, and consequently have about four bags and boxes of things (mostly books) waiting to exit my house for their new lives elsewhere. Rearranging of the space hasn’t happened yet, but it’s still a high priority and should get started in February.

Resolution:Learn about and use more of the features of my digital camera and look into editing the images in some kind of effects program.
Progress: Haven’t really done anything with this one yet.

Resolution: Revise a piece of writing to a point where I'd let other people besides my sister read it.
Progress: I’m in the process of finishing the book I started during NaNoWriMo last November. I’m about 13,000 words from the end, and once the first draft is done, I’ll be revising away!

Resolution: Buy more produce from the farmer's market and less from Ralphs.
Progress: This has been far and away the most successful. I’ve been to two different farmers markets three times this month, and have bought very little produce at Ralphs versus the markets. I’m looking forward to exploring some new markets in the next few weeks and am enjoying the fruits and vegetables greatly!

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