Thursday, February 11, 2010

Things I love

Valentine's Day is a few short days away. I've always enjoyed this holiday because it happens to be my half-birthday. I know it's silly, but since I love my birthday, my half-birthday isn't bad, either, and the whole day generally puts me in a good mood. In honor of feeling happy and of all the love that tends to float around this time of year (commercially inspired or not), here's a list of things I love.
  • Books. I'm a big reader and on my list right now: ADD-Friendly Ways to Organize Your Life (still), The Happiness Project (which I had signed by Gretchen Rubin when she was here in LA on her book tour), Unclutter Your Life in One Week, and The Thin Man, March's book club selection. (Chocolat was really good, by the way).
  • Watching TV online. I don't have TV, so I use Hulu, Netflix Watch Instantly and various network websites to follow my favorite shows.
  • Post-its. This one is kind of obvious for an organizer, but Post-it products really do a lot for me. I write directions to places and can stick them on my steering wheel for easy access. I use them as book marks and write notes on the them. I use page flags constantly; they save me so much time when I'm hunting for a recipe in a thick book.
  • Being a professional organizer. My chosen career has continued to bring me a sense of accomplishment, of personal satisfaction and a feeling that I'm make good use of my life right here and now. I love being able to say that I love what I do.
What are some of the loves of your life?

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