Friday, November 6, 2009

Clutter-free gifts: Technology

Next in my series of clutter-free gift ideas: technology. This category of gifts was inspired by professional organizer Monica Ricci. Her awesome series, The Big O, on the podcast Vicky and Jen: What Really Matters has a terrific episode all about clutter-free gifts that I highly recommend you check out if you want to do more research on this topic. One of the major categories of gifts she talks about there is technology, and I think it is a great idea for a lot of people.

Many of these gifts take up no space at all, except perhaps hard drive space. They are items that get used every day. They are unique without being too specific, which is good if you aren't sure exactly what kind of games, music or books your tech-savvy friend or relative is interested in or already has.

  • Online music subscription or credit, such as iTunes gift cards or Rhapsody subscription
  • Software (some nice organizing-related software: Paper Tiger (PC only), Bento (for Macs)) 
  • Online subscriptions for services like Flickr Pro or Evernote
  • Phone cards or Skype credits
  • Netflix subscription
  • Gamefly subscription
  • ebooks
  • ebook readers like the Kindle or Barnes and Noble's new Nook
  • External harddrive, great for backing up data
  • Gift card to get digital photos printed or books made from them (such as at Snapfish)
  • Printer or photo paper
  • Printer ink (always appreciated by me!)
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  1. These are great suggestions! Not only are they clutter-free, many people might not buy these things for themselves.

    By the way, I use an external hard drive for my weekly backup and am so glad to have it.

  2. Thanks, Janet! External hard drives are extremely useful and a great way to back up data.