Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Clutter-free gifts: Romantic

The next category in the clutter-free gifts series is meant specifically for your significant other. There can be extra pressure at the holidays to come up with a particularly brilliant or meaningful gift for your romantic partner. Instead of fretting over jewelry or clothes they might not like or need, show how much you just want to spend quality time with them with a thoughtful but clutter-free gift.

  • Have an "in-town vacation" by getting a hotel room in your immediate area for a night or two
  • Consumables like sweets, chocolates, wine and champagne chosen just for them
  • Ballroom dance lessons for the two of you
  • Flowers, cut
  • Massage certificate/couples massage session
  • Massage oil/lotion
  • A surprise trip to somewhere they have always wanted to go
  • Wine tasting trip or event
  • Movie night: you provide the tickets, candy, popcorn
  • Go on a tour of significant places, such as your first date spot, your first apartment together, etc.
  • Condoms
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