Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Who needs a professional organizer?

I’ve already written about a few reasons why hiring a professional organizer is a good idea, and here are some more reasons to consider. If you recognize any of the following scenarios in your or a loved one's life, you might want to hire a professional to come in and make some positive changes:

  • You know you have a tape measure somewhere, but it it’s easier and faster to just make a special trip to Home Depot to buy another one instead of wading through all your stuff to find the one you have.

  • You buy a few packs of undershirts on sale for your significant other since his are all yellow and holey. It turns out the ones you got have the kind of neck he doesn’t like, so you keep meaning to return them, but time goes by and you keep passing the same unopened packs of shirts on a side table for months, until the store won’t take them back anymore.
  • You go grocery shopping and aren’t sure if you need toothpaste or not. You buy it anyway, then go home and find you have an unopened box in each bathroom cupboard and a value-pack in the garage from your last trip to Costco.
  • You buy food items bulk but don’t use up the items quickly enough before they go bad or start gathering dust.
  • You go to your bookshelf and find three copies of the same bestseller you haven’t gotten around to reading but can’t find the Spanish-English dictionary you’re sure you have somewhere that you need in order to translate the manual on programming your DVR, since you can only find the directions in Spanish.

Overbuying is a key sign of disorganization. Imagine the time and money you could save if you could find the tape measure, return the undershirts, knew you already had toothpaste and didn’t have to store items duplicates. If you could put your hands on the English version of your DVR directions, you wouldn’t even need your Spanish-English dictionary, which could be found right where it belongs on the reference shelf of your bookcase. Sounds like it can’t be done? It can, with the help of a professional organizer who can take an outside look at your life and make suggestions that can totally change your perspective and attitude about your time and space. Don’t be afraid to ask for help!

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Lelah Baker-Rabe is a Los Angeles-based professional organizer. To discuss your organizing needs, call her at 818.269.6671 or email

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