Monday, August 24, 2009

Tiny tech time saving tips

Here are some very quick ideas that can save you a bit of time here and there on your computer. If you find yourself spending a lot of time doing the same thing over and over, take a second to check in with the process and see if there is something you can do to automate it a little bit.

I like Firefox, too.
  • Program your email provider to automatically include a signature with your contact information so you don't have to type your phone number, website, Twitter username or blog url over and over again.
  • If security isn't an issue, use a web browser that offers to save your username and passwords and use that feature.
  • Put your most frequently visited sites as shortcuts in a browser toolbar.
  • Take advantage of autofill. Let your computer and browser earn its keep by guessing what you are typing, and when they get it right, press enter instead of typing out the word or address all the way.
  • If you have new people visiting your home or business frequently, type up a thorough set of directions and save it as a pdf that you can attach in an email. Don't forget to include the full address including zip code so they can map it if they want. If you have a particularly difficult to find location, take a screenshot of it on Google Maps and annotate it with a program like Skitch if necessary.
  • Use the search function on your computer to find missing files. Saving files with names that actually describe the contents will help a lot.
  • Make sure your Internet connection is the fastest possible for your area.
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