Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Refill Shoppe

There's a neat store in Ventura, CA, called The Refill Shoppe where they sell reusable items from grocery bags to water bottles and consumables like dish washing soap and shampoo in bulk containers that you fill up your small, reusable bottle from. The idea is that we don't need disposable packaging if there's a place to get refills of your favorite consumable items. I was fascinated by the fact that they sell actual handkerchiefs, especially as my household goes through at least a box of tissues a week.

I love the idea of reducing waste on the front end instead of just recycling all the plastic and glass bottles we get every day to hold single-use items.

Next time you are in the area, check them out. 1068 E Main St. Ventura, CA 93001 - Open Monday through Saturday 10am - 6pm. On Facebook:

Call Lelah at 818.269.6671
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