Monday, October 10, 2011

Things I love about Apple

Things I love about Apple products:
  • They boot up quickly
  • They look nice
  • Hard drives are easy to navigate
  • The way things look on screens is beautiful
  • There's less after-market software and hardware, so to find products and solutions you don't have to wade through a million similar products
  • Buying products from the Apple store is generally a satisfying experience: lots of helpful people who want to get you into the right product and will find the answer to any question you might have, and I love that you can buy from anyone anywhere in the store
  • Apple programs I like: Pages, Numbers, Bento, iCal, Preview, Stickies

Things I don't love about Apple products:
  • Their mice are not robust. I use a Microsoft mouse with a hearty scroll wheel.
  • Apple programs I don't like: iPhoto, iTunes, iMovie
  • That's all I can think of...

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  1. Other things to love:

    1. The awesome service. I had a keyboard that stopped working, well after its 1-year warranty had expired. When I brought it into the Apple Store - just to confirm there wasn't anything more I could do and to buy a new one - the person I worked with went away and brought me a new one - for free. I've have more stories of amazingly good support, too.

    2. The migration process. When I got my second Mac, I expected to spend a whole day getting everything reinstalled. Instead, I was prompted to hook up a cable from my old machine to my new one - and in a bit more than an hour, everything was ready to go on the new machine. When I got my newest MacBook Pro a few months ago, I had the same really easy process.

  2. I second those, Jeri. The migration process is very easy. Thanks for commenting!