Monday, April 18, 2011

Word of the day

I always loved the part of the television show Sesame Street right at the end when they'd say "Sesame Street has been brought to you today by the letters C and L and the number 7," or whatever letters and numbers they'd been focusing on in that day's show. It made me feel like the show had a larger sense of purpose that I really liked as a kid. 

Nowadays, I sometimes get the feeling that a certain idea or word is accidently sponsoring my day. People call this attraction or synchronicity or whatever. I think it's just being present enough to see patterns in our every day lives. Sometimes it is helpful to let an idea or word guide your day. You can put a word out there, and see what you get, or you can tune in to what's around you and listen to what the universe has to say.

Some of the words that have been my words of the day (accidental or planned) are abundance, intention, calm, fearlessness, creativity, doing and being. Energy is another good one. Chocolate might be a good fit once in a while. What is your word of the day?

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