Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Reviewed: The Happiness Project

I've been following Gretchen Rubin's The Happiness Project blog for over a year, and enthusiastically bought her book at a book signing she did in Pasadena in January. It took me a few months to get around to reading it. I started it on my honeymoon, which I think is an apt time to take a look at one's happiness levels, since every day of life doesn't usually involve sleeping in, reading by the pool under sunny skies and spending lots of quality time with your significant other. Unfortunately.
Happiness Project
Anyway, there are truly too many epiphanies, wonderful quotes, stellar suggestions and all around good sense moments in this book to give you an accurate portrayal in a few sentences, so I'll just say I heartily recommend you read it. It isn't a daunting read; it is very accessible. The analytical approach (Resolution Chart and all) to something as seemingly ineffable as happiness appeals to the logical thinker in me. Perhaps people who already think about happiness (as I do) will get more out of it, and be more inclined to read it, and that's fine, but Gretchen Rubin makes a solid case that trying to be happier isn't just a selfish act, it truly affects others and therefore is not always easy, but definitely important.

What does this book have to do with organizing? Well, the author giddily recounts her experiences of clutter clearing and closet organizing with the gusto to rival any professional organizer. It's a key component to her happiness project, and could be part of yours, too.

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  1. Lelah,
    Thank you for this "enjoyable to read" review. Your bouyant energy comes right through! :-) Elizabeth Reynolds

  2. I've seen this book mentioned so many times and wondered whether I would enjoy it. Having read that it appealed to the logical thinker in you has convinced me that I probably would, and I've decided to put it on my list for an upcoming bookstore excursion. Thanks!

  3. Yes, Gretchen Rubin does the organized list-maker proud with her resolutions chart and research-based approach. I think you'll like it, Janet.