Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Preparing for reunion weekend

This weekend is Wesleyan University's Reunion and Commencement weekend. My husband will be enjoying his 5-year reunion, while I am tagging along for my 6th. We've been looking forward to this event for months, as it will give us both an opportunity to see the changes to the Wesleyan campus, see friends we might not have seen in years, and visit with our favorite professors.

The trip is going to be a quick one - a red eye to get to the East Coast, and then two nights in Connecticut, followed by an afternoon flight home on the third day. In order to get the most out of our time there, and to make the airplane and car portions more enjoyable,  we've done quite a bit of preparation beforehand, including:

  • Assembled and printed copies of our flight itinerary, rental car information, maps to and from the airport and Middletown.
  • We looked over the reunion weekend schedule and decided which events we want to attend and mapped out our days to make sure we can fit them all in.
  • Figured out a place to have breakfast when we arrive in New York  before driving to Connecticut.
  • Contacted various friends also attending to make sure we get to see them amidst the whirlwind.
  • I bought myself a travel neck pillow to make the red-eye more comfortable.
  • We had our dry cleaning done.
  • I set aside some books I'd been looking forward to reading for the flights.
  • We'll tidy the house, including tossing food that's going to go bad, taking out all the trash and recycling and closing up the windows and blinds.
  • Made sure we have some cash on hand for incidental purchases.
  • Charged my camera battery.
  • Charged my iPods and loaded music, videos and pictures I'll want to have for the trip.
  • Packed only carry-on luggage according to my own packing guidelines.
We're looking forward to a smooth and memorable trip!

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  1. Lelah, check out TripIt for both planning your actual activities and days out as well as for keeping all your confirmation numbers handy. We started using this awesome tool a couple years back and love it. Especially that it keeps it all (including directions & weather) in one handy pile of papers.