Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Multiplying and moving

I have two friends who are both due to give birth in about a month. Both of them are also moving this month. One is moving about 50 miles, while the other is moving about 1,500 miles. I sincerely wish both of them luck with this unique and challenging endeavor.

While I can't (or, rather, don't want to) imagine the logistics of such a move: packing, labeling, moving, unpacking, plus the added bonus of figuring out a new city, figuring out new doctors and a new plan for where you're actually giving birth, I have thought of a few tips that might make the whole process a tad more organized. These two friends are inherently organized people, so they likely don't need these tips, but I felt it was the least I could do. Roslyn and Megan, this post is for you:
  • Ask for help. Being pregnant is a perfect time to recognize your limits and engage your family, friends and village to help make this life transition easier.
  • Make lots of lists. Lists have a calming effect and help you capture ideas and to-dos that might be in your head one minute and out the next. 
  • Try to take it one step at a time. If possible, do a chunk of packing every day and a chunk of planning and preparation every day. 
  • Install some support people at the receiving end. Line up family or friends to meet you at the new location to help you settle in. You'll be exhausted by the time you get there and facing a houseful of boxes might be overwhelming.
  • Get a lot of rest, if possible. Things will seem more manageable if you're rested.
Good luck!

Creative Commons photo posted to Flickr by awnisALAN
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  1. Love this post! This is definitely what I needed since I haven't even known where to begin. And good luck to Roslyn too!

  2. Hope it helps! Wish I was there to help in person.