Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Organizing overkill: a case study

I love Martha Stewart. I love her plummy speaking voice and her way of making the most complicated domestic task seem like it should be as easy as eating an apple. I love the soft palatte that she favors, even though I always go for colors that are bolder. I think she’s great, but there’s no question that she tends toward overdoing it from time to time (check out these children’s Halloween costumes).

Here’s a video of her with Martha Stewart Living’s editorial director of design, Kevin Sharkey, talking about closet organizing essentials. Some of the suggestions are normal, such as using the right kind of hanger for different kinds of clothes and using thinner hangers for shirts so you can fit more in your closet.

However, how many of us really want to use cedar shoe trees for every pair of shoes in our closets? It strikes me as a bit unnecessary and not the best use of time (pulling and pushing the shoe trees in and out every day) and money; cedar shoe trees are not cheap.

It would be lovely to have every sweater in your closet folded like it is at the Gap, but I can’t imagine it being a priority for most of us. Perhaps if you pay someone to do your laundry you could have them watch this video and ask them to do it that way.

I do like the idea of having a mending kit and sewing kit stashed near your clothes and shoes. Unless you wouldn’t know how to sew a button back on even if you have all the materials, in which case you should learn or toss gear you’ll never make use of.

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  1. I have found that most dry cleaners will also repair small mends or replace buttons with reasonably matching ones (if you haven't bothered keeping the little button bag that came along with the sweater). Of course, it is much cheaper to fix a button yourself, but at $3 for a small repair, it is easy enough to drop it off at the cleaner's rather than letting a pile of mending accumulate at home.