Wednesday, January 6, 2010

No cluttering

Have you ever noticed how close the word clutter is to the word litter? When one thinks of litter, one imagines McDonald's cups and cigarette ends lying in gutters or along roadways. It isn't a pleasant image; littering went out of style a long time ago. While you can't always get out of your car and clean up a highway, clutter is a form of litter that you do have control over. Letting papers monopolize your desktop, books spill over from bookshelves onto tables and floors and unused kitchen doohickies take up all your counter space is as detrimental to your well being and productivity as garbage is to the environment's health and beauty.

Just as you wouldn't litter in a public space, don't clutter up your private space. Take pride in your surroundings and live in an environment you can thrive in.

Creative Commons photo posted to flickr by lylamerle

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