Monday, April 20, 2009

Recommended: Vicky and Jen - What Really Matters Podcast

I found Vicky and Jen's podcast "What Really Matters" the way people tend to come across new media these days...I clicked on a  link in a tweet posted by Monica Ricci, a professional organizer I started to follow after finding her blog on John Trosko's blog roll, who I found via a Google search for Los Angeles professional organizers. 

Monica Ricci is a regular guest on Vicky and Jen's podcast, as part of their series called The Big O. The O, of course, refers to Organization (why, what were you thinking?), and it is fabulous. I subscribe to a lot of podcasts via iTunes, mostly short ones that I can listen to or watch in two or three spare minutes, such as the song of the day podcast from KCRW, or Current TV's Target Women segment. An hour or more at first seemed like a long time to devote to listening to other people talk, until I actually decided to use my iPod Touch for more than a portable photo album. I loaded up the iPod for the car, to take on my (almost) daily walk, and to listen to while doing the dishes. Lately, I've actually been excited to do the dishes because it means I can listen to Vicky and Jen. 

These ladies are funny, smart and they have great taste in guests. Though I have mostly listened to The Big O, which is chock full of fantastic bits of wisdom on everything from clutter free gifts to basement clear outs, they have a couple of years worth of really interesting topics, mostly pertaining to parenting and how to live better so you can appreciate "what really matters." It's a great goal, and they combine useful/interesting information with sensible opinions and a dose of realism and fun. Give them a listen!

For more information: 
Monica Ricci's blog and Twitter account
Vicky and Jen - What Really Matters website, Twitter account and blog

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